New To The Creek?

We believe that Jesus has called His Church to a have a selfless presence in a fallen world.  At Lyons Creek we are constantly looking for opportunities to serve others. In fact, it is one of the primary expectations of membership.  We expect all members to INSPIRE people to meet Jesus through selfless service.  One avenue to be involved in selfless service is our Hands On ministry.  Hands On is the umbrella program that covers a variety of different service ventures for those in need.  We are available for small projects such as cleaning, brush clearing, minor construction, handicapped accessibility construction, and many other simple service needs.  We also provide this in a larger scale through Operation Inspiration Week.  As a total church effort, we set apart one week annually to focus our attention on impacting our local and surrounding areas with selfless service projects.  The Hands On ministry is also your place to connect to national and international Disaster Relief Ministry.  to meet Jesus through selfless service.

What To Expect

When you attend Lyons Creek on a Sunday morning the first thing you should expect to see are sinners. Not perfect people, not artificial people, but REAL PEOPLE. People who have a joy from an understanding of REAL FAITH. People who have been forgiven of their sin and understand their new unique role to live lives as followers of Jesus’ teaching no matter where they go.

You should also expect to see people of differing backgrounds. God’s grace has no boundaries dealing with age, race, dress, income level, or nationality. We are simply coming together as a joyful family of forgiven people to worship Jesus. We will sing songs of praise, pray, and experience Bible teaching that confronts our own thinking.

Our Values

Lyons Creek Baptist Church holds unapologetically to the following doctrinal statement: The Baptist Faith and Message